by Bloodbather

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i am coming for your head. i have always prayed for this. fantasizing every move. that brings me closer to my wish. to end your fucking life. i can hear your fucking heatbeat beating beating faster a last request is all I ask. to grip my hands, around your neck. inflicting all my rage on to you. to feel your skin grow cold watching the life slip from your eyes. to steal your last breath i can smell your fear. i can smell your fear. none will shed one tear. did i make this clear? you can't run im near. one final request. a last request, is all i ask. a last request, to nail you in. to nail you in, with my bare hands.
Suicide Note 01:55
erase all of me. erase my memory. copper revealed within the gold. disappointment fills my soul. cannot stop this growing urge. too far past the mental verge. i see the serenity; beyond my grasp. apathy i hold the rope, around your neck. salvation. rip the layers I hide behind. see the miscreation that i've confined ...... ...... it all will end, by my own hand.
Pressure 02:45
the pressure. [x3] the pressure. [x3] the pressure. [x3] the pressure. consumed by hatred. a blind obsession. extermination, of your kind. inane behavior. repulsive hivemind. stay the fuck away, from me and what's mine. mine. mine. stay the fuck away. i dream of a genocide. [x3] i dream of a fucking genocide. consumed by hated. a blind obsession. extermination, of your kind. inane behavior. repulsive hivemind. i cant stop, this fucking pressure. it itches at my conscience. at the fact you're still conscious. the pressure.
Sacrifice 00:38
Consequence 01:15
Coward You won't hide Coward Perish
The Hunt 02:02
Throwing distractions to avoid what's real Manipulation before my eyes Think that you're clever, believing you're safe I see right through your disguise I need to feel The crushing of your skull The hunt has started With the circumstances there's no excuse, your pawns will turn on you There will be no shelter, from the consequences Words still aren't enough to paint, my need My need to end your world The hunt, the hunt has started


released January 1, 2018

Art by Salem Vex
Top Image by Juan Rivera
Model - Manda Muniz (IG: mandamandarinnn)
Bottom Right Image by Holly Lay

Tracked by Salem Vex
Mixed // Mastered by Gabor Toth of GHOSTSHIP RECORDINGS


all rights reserved



Bloodbather Florida

Salem Vex
Kyler Millo

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